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John Mc Keown is an Irish born serial Senior Manager and Independent Management Consultant on five continents. He has been across most of West Africa, and is particularly intimate with Nigeria since 1997

Career Attributes
Corporate and Personal  Awards

Acknowledged in: 'Nigerian Top Executives in the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry' Elvis Krivokuca, MBA ; ISBN-13: 978-1507561249 2015

Selected as one of 'CEOs OF HIGH REPUTE IN NIGERIA' 2015 - Guardian Newspapers Limited RC 53193

Kensington Town Hall – Award for Partnership Excellence, London Mayor’s Office/London Development Agency. 2004 During His Directorship, LEOF received this award.

Croydon Town Hall UK – BEEAM Awards – ‘Regeneration Seen To Be Working’ –Enterprise Excellence Award 2007 During his Directorship, LEOF received this award.

Industry Presence

Full spectrum exposure to Household/Edible FMCG landscape in Nigeria including Processed Food, Dry Dairy, Savoury Snacks & Baking, Beverages, including CSD, Flavoured Water, Dairy/Fruit Hybrids, Brewing and Distilling.

Packaging strenghts in rigid plastics, thin wall, HDPE, Injection molding, PET, Flow Wrap. 

Non Proprietary Pharmaceuticals including API's, Bonding, Carriers, Suspensions, Tablet Pressing, Blister Pack, , ampoules, vials syringes

Full spectrum exposure to the Telecommunications, Data Transport & Datacentre Networks; Cloud Services Infrastructures landscapes in Nigeria, including the underlying technologies, and supplier networks.

Off-grid power solutions for non residential application.

Legacy Construction exposure to Groundworks, Earthworks, Structural Concrete, Built Environment, PipeLaying, and Industry Site Prepartion projects.

Senior Management Toolkit

The task of managing businesses in challenging economies requires an extremely broad toolkit. Circumstances can change unforseen and obstacles can appear without warning. Clients can decide to change solution requirements at no notice. Established business owner clients sometimes enter product or service sectors with which they have no obvious synergies or backward integration. A business leader for hire without an extremely deep and diverse toolkit and adapted for specific markets can easily find themselves obsolete in the face of profound change.

Full P&L coverage, Technical Concept Agility, R&D Product/Service Innovation and Life-cycle, Quality and Compliance Regularization, Finance and Asset Transparency, Project Management, Events & Corporate Training, People Service/Recruitment (FIRP), Sales, Marketing and Brand Dev. Life-Cycles, AGM, Board & Govenance Reporting Management, huge cross sector software skillset, and acclimatized soft skills in a Nigeria/West Africa context are John's highlights.

Track Record of Globally Resident Career

Legacy senior and professional resident experience in Trinidad, Ireland, Venezuela and UK. Short and medium business travel trips to most of EU, UAE, West, West Central and North Africa. US Travel to District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia. Particularly intimate with Nigeria since 1997.

Agile Self Improvement

Having a 35+year rich and deep career is great, but weak when the only formal validation was a degree, accreditation or institute exam done 35+ years ago. 

Following on from a degree level qualification in Industrial Engineering and PGD in Management, subsequent achievements were made in Teacher Training and Housing. Following an MSc in IT with distinction from UoL, came Prince II Practitioner, moving on with more West Africa centric learning- Trained by Intelsat and Comtech at Eko Hotel, Lagos, Management for the 'Market' by Gustav Käser Training International,  Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Tekedia Mini MBA and agile 'shorts' like 'Assisting customers in the choice of industrial equipment in West Africa - Africa' PlastPrintPack. Continual individual depth building - good personally but also good for the client.

Security Promise

Intellectual Property is a significant concern, particularly in challenging environments. Companies are keen to preserve hard won advantgages. Interim 'C-suite', Anchor Consultants and 'Idea' Partners are cause for particular corporate anxiety regarding IP flight. John Mc Keown is meticulous on observing NDA's.