• Expatriate Leadership in West Africa
  • Interim 'C' Level Service; W. Africa
  • Start-Up Execution, Acquisition Appraisal, Asset Validation; Nigeria and Ghana
  • Quality, Conformance, Certification, Continuous Improvement, Life Cycle and Project Management Systems - Implementation/Overhaul
  • Simple Summary Market Analysis and Zoom Discussion Slots on Nigerian Market from $500 (Cork Remote)
  • MCKONSULT candidate technical vetting service aimed directly at recruiters in or serving any part of the African Market
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Services domiciled in any part of ECOWAS or West Coast Sub-Sahara

Expatriate Leadership , Interim 'C' Level Services and infrstructure heavy Start-Ups can only be executed site based. John expects expatriate package support and mobilization to execute on these types of duties but with time they work out as the most affordable option. Salaried staff are always cheaper pro-rata than contracting out.

Services executable remotely with some travel and attendance on site.

Some start-ups, along with process, quality and other Continuous Improvement focused audits can be done with limited or one-time visit to site. Asset validation and acquisition appraisals that don't have recurrent or revisit actions attached can sometimes be executed on effectively with only a single visit. Some level of mobilisation is required.  

Fully Remote Services

General market overviews in specific segments as well as 'Zoom chat as a service' can be carried out completely remotely. Note that John never reveals very specific technical sales business intelligence in these services, e.g.'X' company in Nigeria consumes 'Y' metric tonnes of 'Z' per year and the person to speak to is 'B'. This level of intel is reserved for 'domiciliary ' product clients/employers.

Special Technical Service to Recruiters.

The MCKONSULT logo is the symbol of excellence in technical vetting of candidates.

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While there are some great global recruiters that have developed deep understanding of technical processes in specific industries, many recruiters focusing on country or regional geos have staff that know how to recruit, but have no specific niche technical area in which they are especially well versed.

Technical recruiting at the high value human asset level is a little bit like being a teacher preparing engineering or science students for university entrance exams. Having the teaching skills isn't enough, the teacher also needs to have a deep understanding of the technical subject to successfully teach it.

It's dangerous to 'throw' an ATS at the problem, because jargon obsolescence doesn't establish absence of experience.  The latest industry jargon is easily researched online, and in the hands of a skilled prose writer makes for catchy technical journalism masquerading as a CV, but that's not what the client needs. Prematurely 'feeling out' potential referees brings other problems.

MCKONSULT offers technical overview of 'candidates of interest' for recruiters targeting any part of the African Market. Rates are affordable.

NOTE: John Mc Keown neither offers services  directly to hiring managers nor is he engaged in front-end candidate sourcing.

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